How I Improved My Dust Mite Allergy Rash (Dust Allergy Rash)


How I Improved My Dust Mite Allergy Rash (Dust Allergy Rash)


The moment I grew up I was told that I had atopic eczema. What was unusual to me was that particular times of the year my rash might irritate. Dust Mite Allergy Rash.

While time passed, I started to think about my environment and if something on the air (or bed) was leading to my skin to turn into swollen.

Years and years later my instinct would be right. I was struggling with allergies but didn’t understand it.

In 2013 I was battling with eczema all over my personal body. I had it on my arms, back of legs, neck, mouth area, eyes, and the back of my ears. I’d wake up with a persistent cough. Dust Mite Allergy Rash.

If I did not get ample sleep it would get even worse. If I felt stress coming from work my rash would get worse. If I worked out it would get swollen. I’d always have tasty eyes.


I was strolling around unpleasant and always tired. At this period in my life, I still thought it was something I had to deal with. I was stressed out. As a last resort, I appeared into getting allergy examined (something I look back at with disappointment over why I didn’t do this previously).

I produced a visit with the professional and one of the first things he said when he noticed me was “Yep, it’s clear you have allergic reactions”. If it was so obvious why hadn’t other medical professionals said the same thing? I just believed I had eczema. Dust Mite Allergy Rash.

My allergist examined me for a number of points and the main thing he wanted to know was regarding dust mites. He examined my skin by placing small drops of things that trigger allergies on my skin.

We continued to wait to see if my skin reacted and then to my surprise, many of the allergens demonstrated reactions. In special, I showed a strong response to dust mites. I created a dust mite rash on my skin. My health care provider went throughout the options with me and we made the decision to go throughout with allergen immunotherapy – a procedure to build defenses to my allergens.

Just as important was the advice he gave me for home. This is what I want to share with you today.

No. 1 Reduce Skin Get in touch with Allergens


=This one seems obvious, right? Well, since you cannot see allergens – like dust bugs – it’s hard to safeguard from them. We currently pointed out that dust mites choose our beds so do your self a favor and put addresses on your bed. Based on how bad your dust mite allergy is, you can easily get Dust Mite Allergy Rash.

1) a bed dust mite protection,

2) cushion cover, and

3) dust mite evidence bed comforter cover

We choose quality dust bug covers from Quest Allergy (my allergy bed linens review).

Since my allergy is solid, I use all 3 and it assists keep my Dust Mite Allergy Rash at bay.

No. 2 Preserve a Clean House – Appreciate DUST Filters


Cleaning the home frequently is common sense and something we must do. My doctor informed me regarding DUST filters – I had never noticed of them. High-Efficiency Special Arrestance filter systems are the top filters for vacuum cleaners and air units. Check out the best DUST vacuums. Dust Mite Allergy Rash.

They will do a wonderful job of capturing unseen allergens from the air. Air cleaners and vacuums that don’t make use of a DUST filter won’t help your allergies – it may actually make them more serious! It’s interesting to note that once fans blow air through my home the air drys out and creates my dust mite allergy rash worse I try to reduce fans!

No. 3 Preserve Floors Tidy and Uncovered if Possible


There’s a cause why hospital and medical professionals office floors are hard areas and clean. It decreases bacterias and things that trigger allergies and is much easier to clean.

My family members replaced our carpets most suitable when I was diagnosed with dust mite allergy. The carpets had been in the home for 20 years and imagine what?…they were dirty when we eliminated them (revolting actually!). Dust Mite Allergy Rash.

I can’t consider it because I use to lay on the carpets and rugs and even sleep on the carpets occasionally. No wonder my dust mite rash got even worse after doing so.

Bare floors take moments to clean and you don’t even need a cleaner. You can basically use a Swiffer (check price) and choose up allergens promptly! Dust Mite Allergy Rash.

No. 4 Use Baths, Not Showers

My health care provider also suggested warm baths for my dermatitis instead of showers. I never recognized it but tub areas strip off natural oils from our pores and skin. Dust Mite Allergy Rash.

For all those of us with delicate skin, prone to eczema and dry skin, continuing to keep those organic oils on our skin is really important.

I can take a warm bath and only dedicate 5-10 minutes in the water – even more than plenty of to freshen up. If there is no bath, I consider a super-fast shower and use chilly water. I’m performing my best to take cold tub areas (horrific I know) because there’s research showing its helpful effects on wellness.

No. 5 Hydrate Eczema Selection Times With Grape Seed Oil for Skin


I was likewise told to keep my skin moistened. Occasionally it’s hard because I’m busy at work, but I constantly carry a travel size container of lotion with me at the office. I can slip into the bathroom apply the ointment and be on my way.

At the time of the day, I use Cetaphil (it’s the only lotion that does not irritate my skin) ointment but I try to use natural lotions as often as possible. Dust Mite Allergy Rash.

In the morning hours and evenings, I use grapeseed oil or increased virgin coconut oil on my face, hands, and arms. These natural oils do a great job and aren’t heavy oils.

No. 6 Use Ice with Milk on Your Dermatitis Rash


This element of advice may sound unusual but it has helped me in some of my worst occasions. When my dermatitis was out of control, I’d regularly ice my lips and eyes.

The ice cubes were cold and helped reduce swelling. I learned that wrap the ice in a towel soaked in milk worked out for reinvigorating my delicate skin on my face. Dust Mite Allergy Rash.

Milk has lots of Supplement A and lactic acid which helps scrub the skin. I was reluctant to use the dairy at first since many foods irritate my skin (I’ve attempted avocado masks, cucumbers, and taters and all burnt my skin).

Milk was calming for my dust mite rash. If you believe far enough ahead in progress, try combining milk and water into an ice tray and getting stuck – this way the milk is built into your ice. Ice and milk will also help skin restore from burning.

No. 7 Take An Anti-Inflammatory


When I take in or exercise occasionally my skin dried out or warms up. When I anticipate swelling I’ll take an ibuprofen or another potent. I try to limit my use of these types of but they do help.

They are specifically helpful to take on plane tickets or after I’ve exercised when my skin can become swollen.

No. 8 Take Anti-Histamine for Your Eczema


Anti-histamines stop the histamine results of your body. My immune system is way too intense and reacts to everything. I take a daily anti-histamine and it helps normalize my immune response with no risking my wellness.

Presently there are few side-effects (if any) and I’ve used them for a long time. Ideally I’ll be able to stop applying them one day but for now, I’ll use all of them to get relief for my own dust mite allergy rash (you can check out the most well-known medication for allergies here)!

No. 9 Consider Allergy Shots


If the allergy is serious like mine and simply your rashes are problematic, reflect on allergy immunotherapy. As I pointed out earlier, this is a gradual process to reteach your immune system and the closest thing to a cure for allergy symptoms.

I hate acquiring synthetic medication so I was unsure about performing immunotherapy. I learned promptly that it’s natural and uses the exact thing you are allergic to build threshold. Dust Mite Allergy Rash

Since beginning allergy shots an only a few years ago, my level of allergy has eliminated way down. In addition to pursuing the other tips on this list, I understand it’s helped clear many of my dust mite rash (eczema).

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