Baby Food Recipes 7 Months Old babies foods Ideas


Baby Food Recipes 7 Months

7 Months Old Baby Food Suggestions

Once your kid hits the seven-month tag, he gears up for some significant physical milestones like seated up, teething, etc. Offering the right kind of nutrition in this critical growth time is very significant for the baby. During this time, the baby gets the essential nutritional health supplements from both the breasts milk/formula milk and from sound food. Right here are some amazing choices for healthy food for a 7-month baby that you can include in your child’s diet. Baby Food Recipes 7 Months

Best Foods for Seven Month Old Baby babies



After presenting a few solid foods to the baby at six months, you can gradually shift the options and include more range in their food by the next month. Here are some interesting choices for solid food for 7 months baby. Baby Food Recipes 7 Months

  1. Fruits blend: Fruits are a wonderful resource of vitamin supplements, minerals, and fiber. Fruits like apple, chikoo, papaya, banana, melon, avocado, etc. are great choices for a snack or food.
  2. Vegetables: Vegetables consist of important multi-vitamins and minerals. It can be provided as a meal by sizzling it and producing a puree. Steamed vegetable wedges can also be provided as a superb snack.
  3. Porridge: Porridges produced from single materials cereals make for a great dietary supplement for babies. Cereals like rice, wheat, oats, barley, millets etc. can be prepared and powder to make a porridge blend.
  4. Meat puree: Meat and poultry are high proteins and starchy foods that can be introduced to infants in the form of a blend.
  5. Egg: Egg is a well-known source of healthful fat and protein. It can be provided to babies as bite-sized items after boiling it. Baby Food Recipes 7 Months
  6. Cheese: Cheese produced from pasteurized dairy is available broadly in the market. It is a food rich in fat, proteins, and vitamins.
  7. Kichdi: Kichdi produced out of rice, wheat or dal with mild spice and salt is a filling up and nutritious meal for small
  8. infants. This also acts as their first taste of mature food. Baby Food Recipes 7 Months

The quantity of Food Every Day

Baby Food Recipes 7 Months
Typically, babies who all are seven months old take 3 solid food meals and two snack foods in concerning. Breastfeeding a baby in the morning and night with some mid-day nourishing classes are also part of the routine. Baby Food Recipes 7 Months

Commonly, babies ingest about a quarter cup of puree or porridge in a solitary meal. Based on the call for, you can increase the amount. Babies also take in an average of 800-900 ml of Breast milk or formula milk. Baby Food Recipes 7 Months

Baby Food Recipes 7 Months

Many infants would have begun having a tenth or two by seven months of age. Actually, if they do not have well-sprouted teeth, they would certainly have stronger gumline which gives them an inclination to chew on little finger foods for a long time. Here are some homemade baby food recipes for 7 months old. Baby Food Recipes 7 Months

1- Wheat or grain Pancakes

  1. Wheat flour-1 cup
  2. Jaggery syrup- ¼ cup
  3. Water- as every requirement
  4. Fennel seeds-1 teaspon


How to prepare

  1. To the whole wheat flour add jaggery thick syrup and blend well.
  2. Thin down with drinking water to a semi-solid consistency
  3. Add fennel seed products to the batter and blend. Allow it to rest overnight or for a few time before preparing hotcakes.
  4. In a tawa, oil with ghee and put it in the shape of dosa.
  5. Cook on the two sides with ghee and tease it out to serve. Baby Food Recipes 7 Months

2- Ragi Apple Porridge food

  1. Ragi flour- one cup
  2. Apple- ½
  3. Ghee- one teaspoon
  4. Water-as every requirement


How to prepare

  1. Cut and peel the apple into little cubes. Steam it in drinking water or in a pressure cooker and mash it well to an easy paste.
  2. In a pan blend the water and ragi flour to an easy paste and cook it in low fire till it bubbles.
  3. To this combination add the apple blend and cook further for five moments.
  4. Switch off the warmth once it’s prepared and add a spoonful of ghee. Baby Food Recipes 7 Months

3- Millet Porridge

  1. Homemade millet powder-1/2 cup
  2. Water- 1-2 cups
  3. formula milk- ½ cup


How to prepare

  1. In a ship, blend the millet flour with drinking water and stir constantly to make an easy paste without mounds.
  2. Switch on the warmth and cook the combination well till it starts to form pockets.
  3. At this stage decrease the heat and add the milk to bring it to the needed consistency.
  4. As an extra taste, you can add the puree of any fruits to give it a sweet taste. Baby Food Recipes 7 Months

4- Moong Dal Khichdi

  1. Green moong dal-1/2 cup
  2. Rice-1/2 cup
  3. Turmeric powder-1 teaspoon
  4. Cumin seeds- ¼ teaspoon
  5. Ghee-1 teaspoon
  6. Water-3/4 cup


How to prepare

  1. Clean the grain and dal and bathe it for about half an hour
  2. Add a touch of turmeric powder and cumin seed products to the exhausted dal and rice.
  3. Make it in a pressure oven with a ¾ cup of drinking water.
  4. Mash it with a food blender or with a ladle and give food to

5- Pear Puree

Water/milk-1/4 cup



How to prepare

Clean and peel off the pear. Cut the fruits into small items after acquiring out the seeds.
In a skillet of boiling water, prepare the fruits for a few moments with shut lid.
Crush the cooked pear with a food blender or a mixie.
Add drinking water or milk to the blend to bring it to the right regularity. Baby Food Recipes 7 Months



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