Allergy Medicine for Babies Under 2 years

Allergy Medicine for Babies Under 2 years

Latest tragic information about allergy medicine for babies reported about a baby who died due to a medication overdose by his babysitter/nanny has me showing. And even though this is a sad, outlier option event, it can raise us to day-to-day ways to improve our children’s security with over-the-counter medications.

The sad history: a fussy baby was wrongly given allergy medicine to relaxed him down and get him to sleep after a day of irritability. Apparently, the babysitter sadly gave an adult dosage of an allergy medication. Oftentimes medicine side effects can damage or stop breathing. Specifically at raised doses. The lesson from this horrific story is threefold:

1 Medicines, even individuals sold otc have real effects and require our serious interest. We need to make sure the medicine does is the correct one. The history of this disaster is a major problem to even suppose on, but it can help remind us to make sure we are always a part of every dose our children are given WHATEVER. Every parent should find out it is not “over-the-top” to have any caregiver review medicine administration with you every time for security.

2 Child medications for children not for the individuals who care for them. Treatments should be used only when important and not for adult benefits. Fussiness in babies is stressful for parents and caregivers. Examine about fussiness and the time of PURPLE crying and moping here especially in early childhood that is viewed as normal. ( allergy medicine for babies)

We need familial and social support for parents tired and confused by fussy babies. And we need backup strategies for respite for caregivers to babies, but we as well need to keep in mind that medicines are given to a child for the advantage of a parent just is not the reason they were built or qualified. As a doctor, I just can’t advise using allergy medicine to topple your kid out. Just doesn’t make an impression. Correct and suitable medicine dosing is very important but using medicines only when important is where you have to begin.

3 Allergy medicines, even over-the-counter medications are not advised for use in babies under age 2 years. ( allergy medicine for babies)

Medication Rules For Parents Almost everywhere



1-If your child is in demand of medication, need your child’s caregiver (grandparent, nanny, babysitter, friend, etc.) to call you to evaluate dosing before giving the medicine. USUALLY do this with young children, specifically if they are not regularly medicines. Why not? ( allergy medicine for babies)

2-Keep the dosage equipment that came with medication rubber joined to the medication. This avoids someone achieving for a teaspoon to dose medication or achieving for an adult dose in error.

3-Keep a printing out of an up-to-date dosage graph on your family fridge & in your medicine cupboard. ( allergy medicine for babies) You can ask for a print out at your pediatrician’s place of work!

4-I get by what I have said just before, no allergy/anti-histamine medication for traveling or to help your child sleep! Using a medication for adult comfort is not an indicator to treat your child. I just cannot suggest that you put treatments in your child’s mouth for ease of travel or comfort. Specifically, since we never know which child (and why) will have side issues. Side effects of medications stand for a huge number of trips to pediatricians and disaster rooms, specifically for kids under age 5, as it is often their first-time coverage to a medicine. ( allergy medicine for babies)

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