6 Month Baby Food Chart

6 Month Baby Food Chart As well as Food Chart for 6 Months aged baby with Quantity & Timings

Now that your baby has surpassed that 6-month tag, you could have just started out solid meals for them or are right now starting. Whatever is the reason, it is important to go slow and stick to baby’s lead.For 6 months aged baby, we start with very decrease purees and steadily thicken them as the baby should get used to this so we need to focus on 6 Month Baby Food chart for better health of the baby.

People also abide by the 3-day wait signal when presenting any new food to the baby. even though there are different ideas on the need to have to follow 3-day delay rule, it makes sense to me in person. Introduce very small at first and be on the watch for any rashes or allergy symptom.

What 3-day wait rule fundamentally means is that you should wait for 2 to 3 days whenever you start providing a new food item to your baby, just before bringing out another new item. It would make feel because this means you can keep an attention on baby and be definite that the recently introduced item has not brought on any allergy/ effect, diarrhea, congestion and so on.

Thus, if you bring in banana puree on daytime 1, you should keep going it for next 3 days, before presenting next item which is saying apple blend. Now that you know it is secure, then you can then mix it with say rice food.

Here we recommend a month-wise feed chart/ routine for babies start from 6 months, right up to 2 years child food chart.

Check out our famous and complete 6 Month Baby Food Chart for 0-12 months.

You can quickly change/modify /avoid any items relating to your comfort and your baby’s choice.

Not all babies will be needing two solid foods a day at this level.
Start off with very little once a day and little by little increase it more than next few weeks.
The program lists solid additional food. Please remember that breast milk or formula sorts most critical part of baby’s diet at the time of the first year. Maintain to breastfeed or formula-feed in among foods as and when needed

6-month baby Food Chart/ Food Plan | 6 months Baby Food Chart – Week 1

Here is how we advise you may start solid nourishing for your baby.

If you follow this plan mentioned in 6 Month Baby Food Chart, we advise starting with apple-sauce during breakfast and carrying on with it for next 3 days.

Range to be provided at 6 month – week 1

Give only 1-2 tsps of applesauce or any other meals that you introduce at this stage. Keep in mind that this is only to get the baby applied to the solid structure and nutrition needs are still fulfilled by breastmilk or method.

Just after 3 days, you may provide mashed/ pureed banana for 3 days and then suji halwa. Carry out our menu to see how to make suji halwa with no sugars.

Do not cut again on breastmilk or formulation as it is still the primary source of nutrition for baby.

Do not put salt or sugar in baby’s meals until 1 12 months. Here is why you should not add salt or sugar in baby’s meals till 12 months

Timings/ Regularly Schedule for 6 months baby


Down below are the suggested timings that you may follow for your baby. Once again, every baby is unique, so feel free to fit your and your baby’s demands. Some babies may require more than 2 naps while others may not be ready to sleeping by 9:00 pm. These are properly normal as long as the baby is strong and pleased. For more options to take a full eye on your baby health you can see the 12 points for baby care and if you feel that your baby has the fever then there are some nice tips to get down the high temperature immediately.


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